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Romantic style in vintage look

I love this style very much.When the fiber meet metal the jewelry looks fabulous.That's why this topic will be the longest, in many chapters.
Let's say that I found my kind of jewelry in making and wearing .
So,if somebody read this topic in this life maybe this person will have an opinion on this style end this subject.
I love to speak with you people.Don't be shy. I think that I'm not alone on this planet,because if it's true this thought is scary one. I am or not the single ? Let me know. Or....not.
If you like my style, I like to know it. In any language,because I have google translate. See , we can understand each other .
Now , I want to show you some of my fiber jewelry.

Romantic flower pendant necklace,Flower crochet pendant,Vintage look necklace,Victorian necklace,Bohemian jewelry,Handmade jewelry gift


Romantic Crochet flower pendant necklace,Unique choker flower pendant,Vintage look necklace,Hippie necklace,Bohemian jewelry,Handmade jewelry 

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What about spring or....about changes

         In Romania ,this year, spring  came with summer temperatures .I like spring and summer... in a matter fact I like all seasons. But I love when the nature return to life and all is green with some spots of lovely colors .
                The summer is the season when our jewelry can be very visible
                Sooo...I discover that I like to make jewelry. I become jewelry maker . Yes I am and I will post on my blog some of my pieces of jewelry.And because the spring comes with changes now I will speak in english language. Well , this time when the words comes easly. May be I'm not a good english speaker but, I will try some words.

      Fairy earrings made with lucite flower beads , Firepolish czech glass beads , antique bronze metal.
Long beaded necklace,Long heart Boho Chic necklace,Gypsy jewelry,Unique design,Mother's day gift,Bohemian,layering beads necklace made with Bronze chain, Bronze findings, Fire polish czech beads, Toho Glass beads vintage golden.       …

Coș croșetat / Crochet basket

Deoarece este  primul meu tutorial m-am decis să lucrez un coșuleț tip IKEA ,acesta fiind necesar în orice gospodărie. Pentru acest proiect am folosit un ghem neconvențional:sfoara de bumbac la care m-am decis să folosesc croșeta numărul 6.                                                                                                                                    

În afară de acestea mai este necesar și un marker(niciun rând nu se termină cu picioruș ascuns,deoarece am lucrat fără întrerupere) care se atașează de primul picioruș scurt la începutul fiecărui rănd.

Am început cu un cerc magic și am lucrat doar cu piciorușe scurte după cum urmează:
- R 1-6 piciorușe scurte
- R 2-12
- R 3-18
- R 4-24
- R 5-30
- R 6-36
- R 7-42
- R 8-48
- R 9-54
- R 10-60
- R 11-66
- R 12- identic cu rândul 11 cu mențiunea că se lucrează partea din interior a piciorușului pentru ca baza coșului să fie dreaptă nu rotundă .
- R 13 -19 -se lucrează identic cu rândul 11 .
- R 20 - între piciorușele scurte care se lucrea…

Din dantelă 2 - Globuri/Christmas tree baubles